Friday, September 01, 2006

The Clouds On The Storm Go Round And Round

We're waiting for Hurricane / Tropical Storm / Tropical Depression Ernesto to arrive. It's been hanging to our south, with increasing cloudiness all day. You can see it coming, you can feel it coming, but it just hangs there like a bully down the street you know will get you.

We're supposed to get about 3.89" of rain when the Hispanic Hurricane gets done with us. That, in itself, will cause problems with some nearby people who fear the influx of Hispanics. They'd just as soon run the whole bunch, legals and illegals, out of town on a donkey. Now comes a tropical storm with its 4" of rain, and it's got a Hispanic name. You can't win...

Anyway, in case I never mentioned this before, my brother and I went through the eye of a hurricane on our beach, unprotected. It was an experience I've never forgotten, and I was only ten at the time. Our parents just said, "Don't step on any wires and get back when the southwest wall gets close."

Everybody has a story.
Helen Zurawski Sodd, 94, passed away in Texas the other day. She was born here in Wilkes-Barre and "because she was an avid baseball fan, Helen married former Cleveland baseball player Bill Sodd."


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