Thursday, August 24, 2006


Of my many little hobbies (and I sincerely believe we should have many little ones) is checking personalized license plates to see if I can figure out their meaning. Why? Because it's a little challenging and it's fun. Don't I have something better and more important to do with my time? Sure; you tell me and I could be doing it. But life is not all seriousness and purpose-driven. Sometimes you just want to decipher license plates.

NOLO. I finally met the owner; when he was in law school, he got so many tickets for (I think) parking that he always pleaded Nolo Contendere, "I do not contest the charges." It's not a guilty plea, but says, "You got me."

IDID26. Have not met this local resident, but I figure he's saying he did 26 miles and might be a marathon runner.

GR8MOM was on a station wagon, belonging to what I suppose was a Great Mom. At least, in her estimation. Or the person who gave her the plate.

KENAI. A peninsula in Alaska, pretty much south of Anchorage, also the name of someone's cat. She wanted a short, but different name, for kitty and her friends' several visits to the Kenai Peninsula seemed to be the right name. Many people have their pets' names as license plate identifiers.

RHV88-5. My volunteer activity for many years, a radio reading service for the visually impaired and homebound. The Radio Home Visitor is on 88.5 FM.

SXRXRNR. SeX, RX (drugs), RNR (Rock 'N' Roll).

Everybody Has A Story
Edith Reed Mather died here recently. In 1934, she married William Mather; they wanted to become missionaries and set out for China. There she started the first Girl Scout troop in Peking. When the Japanese occupied North China, they moved to Baguio in the Philippines; after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese interned all the Americans in Baguio. Edith's third child became the first American to be born in captivity. They ended up in a prison until liberation in 1945.


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