Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Say, Old Man, "Jif, Skippy"? Wot?

I mentioned the other day that people in England never heard of the Blue Plate Special. It appears to be a diner specialty unique to the U.S. and unknown anywhere else.

Now I learn, courtesy of The Food Network, that peanut butter (and, therefore, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich) is pretty much unknown outside this same America composed of States which are United.

Some company has created peanut butter in a wrapper, much like how we get thin wrapped slices of cheese. That makes it easy to make a sandwich without ripping the bread. It also takes all the craftsmanship out of the deal. It takes talent and practice, the same as will get you to Carnegie Hall, to create a pb&j while keeping the bread intact. Any wuss can open a wrapped flat of peanut butter; it takes a master to swirl out a kitchen knife full of p.b. and arrange it properly and evenly without the slightest injury to the bread.

Clean the knife before going for the jelly? Oh, puleeeeeeze.


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