Sunday, August 27, 2006

A Sign Of Things To Come

I'm a member of a private message with people from all over the world. One day, someone from Australia posted some signs they have that we here in the US probably would not understand. She was right; we had no idea what they meant.

Then I posted PED XING and asked her what it referred to. We're used to the "Pedestrian Crossing" abbreviation and the fact that 18 letters don't fit too well on a small sign.

There's a warning about the RXR sign, "Railroad Crossing." It's regarding beating a train to the crossing and goes like this: "If you win, you win; if you lose, you lose; if it's a tie, you lose."

There's a big difference between the British and US meaning of the No Passing sign. Over here, it means "Don't overtake the car ahead of you." For the Brits, it means, "Don't go past this sign."

Road Legally Closed is, as far as I know, a Connecticut sort of thing and I'm not sure it's still used. You're riding along and there's this big sign off to one side with "Road Legally Closed" and about five or six lines of smaller print giving a reference to the law and how the state assumes no liability. Nobody pays it any attention.

In these super-sensitive days when it's dangerous to be hanging around little ones, a sign that instructs us to Watch Children certainly seems to be an invitation to trouble.

I've seen several cemeteries with entrance and exit roads; sure enough, you're driving by a field full of tombstones and there's a sign telling you Do Not Enter.

In Connecticut, some years ago, a couple on I-95 passed a man who was frantically waving his arms at about 2:00 in the morning. The driver hit the brakes, then kept going; he had disregarded a “sign” that the Interstate’s bridge had collapsed and they flew over the edge into Kingdom Come.


Blogger Cold Josh Vail said...

Yeah those signs..Yeah......Arrggh. On our street there are two signs ''Residential Area, Reduce Speed'' or its equivalent. This frustrates the younger drivers, who just drive even faster or in some cases the drivers respect the signs and then outoffrustration, burn the stop signs at each corner.

There is another one ''Road Closed for the Winter''......a no-brainer as we get an annual ten foot snowfall and I imagine if you turn to use this road, it is visibly evident that the plow has not gone through that day, IF the sign isn't covered with snow.

In place in Connecticut, on the bottom of Jefferson St. are two signs. One is the hurricane evacuation route, but nobody lives there. The second sign is one which indicates the height (or depth) of the water, which means that the Evacuation Route was conceived for all vehicules and some boats.

Up here we have an annual crop of frost heaves and some of these heaves will permit you to autograph the road with your transmission or differential. there are no signs, but the yput up orange flags on the roadside toindicate them. This is great for those who understand country driving, but those from Montréal or out of province tourists might think that these flags denote roadkill or something. Anyway, they learn fast.

The best ones are the signs ''No Hunting''. That tells everyone that there are deer there! I would put up a sign ''Hunting Permitted'' and no one would go there........Ha!

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