Thursday, January 07, 2010

Glue Sticks To The Inside Of A Bottle?

On one of those internet question lists that keep floating around, an entry asks why glue does not stick to the inside of the bottle. Listen to this daily user, who buys the stuff six gallons at a time from a wholesale dealer and hopes it lasts for a couple of years: It sticks to the inside of the bottle. I know, because I have to clean it regularly.

Glue bottles need regular maintenance if you don’t want them to get (a) messy, (b) nearly unusable and (c) grosser than a bottle of hardened puke.

I clean mine (a pint bottle) after it gets down to the bottom. I never refill it until that point because I don't want all the brush whiskers piling up down there to eventually end up on something I’m pasting. When the jar is as empty as I can get it by brushing around down there (never completely), then the cleaning starts.

First, all the semi-hardened glue around the upper rim and just under it. The stuff comes out looking like the third day of an upper-resp four-day infection. Then I try to clean off the inside of the bottle as best I can; you’d be surprised how much of that stuff clings to the glass or plastic jar.

Then the brush and handle get taken care of, including all the little bits of glue that get between the works and make the slider hard to adjust. That, too, is sticky, messy stuff. But when you’re done, the assembly is ready for another fill-up and it’s as clean as it will ever be. A lot cleaner and easier to use than anyone else’s.


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