Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Car-Texting vs Hitting An 18-Wheeler

You really can do both, but only once. I've got the picture and you can get it from me on request; unfortunately, I don’t know how to post it here. Anyway, it’s a close-up photo of a smallish car whose driver was busy texting a friend when he drifted across the center line and straight into the front of a Freightliner truck. Truck: 1. Car: 0.

The truck ended up in the back seat of the car; the front half is completely crushed. The recovery photos were too gruesome for me to save and I never forwarded them. Let’s just say the driver was in two equal pieces, top and bottom. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men, etc.

Christian theology talks about Original Sin, which I don’t believe in. What I do think about it is this: O.S. is our failure to learn from the mistakes and sins of those who have gone before us. Texting while driving, for instance. We’ve all heard of terrible accidents involving this, but will they make a difference? Nah; O.S. kicks in.

Everybody has to learn the hard way and only then do they get the point. “I wish I had listened” is the common phrase when people have been told not to do something by a person who did and regretted it. The tv shows and lecture circuits are filled with people who relate their bad decisions to an audience which goes out and repeats it.

Kids still stick their tongues on frozen light poles, adults still talk on cell phones while missing red lights, people will still text and hit cars, trucks and whatever.


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