Monday, December 28, 2009

Calendars, Left And Right

And not just any calendars, mind you. It’s like this: Specialized calendars for some places in my apartment, with others for specialized needs. Clear?

I need (want, perhaps, but close to need) an astronomy calendar next to my bed. I really like to see the vastness of creation, to the extent a photograph can show it. It’s impossible, of course, but at least I can see a few, or a few hundred, galaxies and meditate on their distance from each other: at least two million light years apart.

It also carries my medication “get” or “runs out” information.

Over my sink is a railroad calendar with specific appointments. Likewise, on my door is one of a lighthouse on which are other “keep in mind” items. Next to my recording desk is yet another lighthouse calendar with notes about my radio show and it’s positioned just so, because I can’t see any others when I am seated there.

In my radio studio can be anything. This past year, my brother sent down twelve months worth of outhouses. Currently, it’s lighthouses. Why the emphasis on these buildings? Because we grew up down the street from one and it’s part of our lives. We were on the water a lot and they guided us safely to shore or around dangerous rocks.

I have a plain old 9x14” (open) appointment book hard-taped to the corner of my regular desk on which I keep everything, but I find it much easier to have separate calendars.


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