Saturday, January 02, 2010

Here's How You Get There

I was doing radio just a bit south of Boston, near Brockton. At one point in my life, I needed to drive up to a burg somewhat west of the city and figured it would be smart to ask directions of a person who lived where I was. They were familiar with the layout, while I was new to the area.

My pastor was from up that way, so he was my first choice. But just as a backup, I thought I’d ask the local undertaker as well. This is a true story.

Pastor: Get off at Neponset Circle, go past St. Rose’s Church, turn left three blocks later, when you pass St. Mary’s, go another five blocks and turn right. You will see St. Joseph’s Church and just before that is their rectory. Left at the rectory and go three blocks. It’s by the grocery store.

Undertaker: Get off at Neponset Circle, and three blocks later you will see the Smith Funeral Home. Take a right until you pass Downs’ Undertakers, then a left three blocks after Redgate’s Home for Funerals. When you pass the Needham City Cemetery, look for the grocery store and it’s right there.

“Ok,” this radio person replied to each one, separately. “Neponset Circle; is that where you have to circle around WMEX and WEZE’s radio towers?”

Each one said, “I never noticed them.”


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