Friday, September 08, 2006

The Forest Primeval

It's hard walking up (or down) the street these days without having an acorn landing on your head or the roof of your car. Even the squirrels must get an occasional bump on the noggin.

Mother Nature is making sure that her trees will increase, multiply and fill the earth. Problem is, there isn't much earth around here for the acorns to do anything in. They sure aren't going to take root in your car's roof, much less on a cement sidewalk or the street. Year after year, her acorns rain down and, year after year, it's a complete waste (except for the squirrels mentioned above).

Somebody ought to tell Mother she's popping her kids out onto a sidewalk. They're not going to grow when they're in the gutter. There won't be any little trees pushing up here and there, filling the lawn and making it like the forest primeval, before the settlers came in and chopped them all down.

My theory: If you want to see what used to be where a development is, check the names of the roads. Oak Grove Drive, Bunny Hollow Road, and so on. We took them down, chased them out, but kept their names.