Sunday, October 25, 2009

And To Further My Remarks...

Continuing with yesterday’s thoughts, even though this is also being written on the 27th, here is the second part of “Oh, no … I have to move the studio.”

The program I do for the blind is actually done in two separate “takes.” One of them is put together in the morning, when my daytime readers drop by to record their inserts for the show. I have already cut up, and pasted onto scrap paper, each item they will read. Then we go along and lay down maybe 15 or 18 tracks.

Once or twice a week, there can be a night-time reader who comes in when I am actually putting the show together. The daytime person does seven cuts, the night person does seven and I pick up what’s left. The inserts already done are fed into the show with what I hope are seamless joins, as if they are actually there.

The pre-records are done in a “production booth” in my room. It’s not really a booth, as such, but a mixer, three mics and a MiniDisc recorder on a desk. It works well and is quieter in the daytime than being in the regular studio (which is quieter at night). We make the best of both situations and it works well.

I’m waiting for a better mic mixer, due any day now from a new supplier just a few miles up the road. A mixer, another mic stand and a couple of connectors. I could use a better mic for one of the readers; my new supplier might help, or I could always go to Radio Shack for one of their $35 models.


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