Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've Got This Photograph

One of my relatives mentioned Stratford Center what, for us, was the absolute center of town. Those people who lived up north, in Paradise Green, were just a bunch of Uptown People who weren’t really Stratford folks as far as I was concerned. (No offense to the PG people who might be reading this, but that was years ago.)

We had trains in the Center; we had a library, which I haunted; we later had the Connecticut Turnpike, which pretty much tore the Center apart.

There was Lovell’s Hardware store, older than the USA itself; some chemical company I can’t remember, but it did have a witch on a broomstick in the front window. Dobby’s Men’s Shop. Dahl’s Variety Store. The Post Office. Some building with a men’s club on the second floor. A florist with a parrot in a cage.

My relative said Dobby’s is now a tea room (and I saw it on some tv show); Lovell’s is one or two restaurants, possibly one of them Mexican. The post office is long gone and the turnpike took its place. I think the chemical company’s offices are a turnpike casualty, as well. I don’t know what happened to the florist and its parrot.

“Would you like to visit?” she asked. No, I replied, I want to keep it in my memory as it was. “I don’t blame you.” What good would it do to go back after all these years? I have no business there at this point and would just be looking at the ghosts of all the stores I knew and patronized. Let it be, let it be.


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Let it be........Ms. Victoria Lawn

October 20, 2009 6:33 AM  

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