Saturday, October 24, 2009

As I Was Saying...

This was actually written on the 27th. Why am I behind when there was a whole weekend to catch up? Ah, there is a story, at once dreadful and renewing.

The building where I did my radio show for the blind is being renovated and, since they can’t work around me, the crew politely informed me that (not in these words), “You are outta here, fella.” So I had to find another place that wasn’t a tent in the park so I could continue broadcasting … and had to do it rather quickly.

First item of business was to tag all the inputs and outputs of the wiring; each wire to be identified on each end. I was also trying to find a new home for the studio; none of the ideas seemed to work. The last resort was the storage room in the basement of one building; it was, indeed, the last resort. I’ve worked in worse.

With all the plans in place, I did the last show in the old studio and less than ten minutes later, one of the staff and I were disconnecting and stashing everything in our cars for the trip up the hill. That was about 8:10pm; I finished setting up and re-wiring in the new studio around 12:10am. From old to new (and working) in four hours.

Planning was, and always is, the key to making an efficient and workable move. Marking the cables and identifying them completely; having the equipment color-coded to match the control board inputs; moving the non-essentials as soon as I knew where we would be: all made the situation much easier.


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