Friday, October 16, 2009

On The Road Again

They found mold in the building where my studio is located (not the main radio station). We're on the road again, folks. And that, pretty generally, is why this blog and several following are late. There is nothing like getting the news on a Friday morning and trying to move out on a Tuesday (which is tomorrow, Oct. 20, in real-life time).

First, I had to locate a space, which is not easy in a college where there is not a whole lot of spare real estate hanging around with a roof overhead.

Then I had to cadge that sheltered space out of whoever is in charge. After that, I have to start moving things out, leaving only the most essential until Facilities can dig up a 6’ table for the operating equipment. At that point (which should be Tuesday the 20th), with everything else in place, I do The Big Move between programs.

It’s pretty much like changing your clothes while running down Main Street. The difference is: while you won’t get arrested for lewd behaviour moving the station, you won’t get electrocuted by streaking down the road. There are certain trade-offs, as you can see. I don’t look good changing my clothes; better with my hair standing on end.

I think everything is planned out fairly well. I’ve moved several times before and with each journey you learn from the last. This new place is far from perfect (how far can you get from perfection is about where we are) and I’d love something better, but there just isn’t that “something” in the cards. Except outdoors in a tent.