Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Happy Day For Cruise Ship Companies

Bad day for us, good day for the cruise business.

Well, actually, not that bad at all, when you think of it. What we are doing today is paying for our interstate highways, federal programs and funding, defense and other things we say “Washington should take care of.”

“Washington,” of course, is spelled, “us,” as in “you and I.” Sometimes even “you and me,” depending on how the sentence is made up.

We’re lucky on one point: The television set tax. England likes to make money off your telly. And how, forsooth, are they able to pull this off without violating either a man’s or woman’s home being their castle and the drawbridge is up over the alligator-filled moat?

They use mobile, roaming, snoop units detecting the low-level re-radiation emitted by all tv sets. The t-voyeurs get their jollies when they pick up a signal from an address where no taxed tv is registered – or two signals from a one-taxed set home.

So it’s April 15 and the cruise lines, from presidents and CEO’s to Captains, face the D of C, plant their thumbs on their collective noses, wiggle their remaining fingers, stick out their tongues and sound off the ol’ raspberry. Their offices might be here, but their citizenship is a few folders in a file cabinet in some friendly country. Taxes? Oh, come ON. April 15 comes and goes with hardly a ripple on the water’s surface.


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