Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Drug Dependency

Don't worry; they are prescription and non-addictive. Still, I gotta have them twice daily. This blog isn’t meant to say “I’m all alone in this boat,” but “I wonder how many other people are in it with me.” Maybe a fleet of cruise ships worth of people (how many are in the water now? 160? More?)

So many of us are dependent on pills of varied shapes, sizes and colors. They aren’t the type which lead us to rob our grandmothers, our parents or little old ladies in hospital beds. But we better have them or bad things will happen.

As I told someone on my favorite cruise ship message board: Keep your meds in your pocket when you are flying. On the slightest chance you need to evacuate via the slides, you want your best friends with you when you get down at the bottom.

I’m not saying meds are better friends than my real-life friends and relatives, but they do come in handy when it’s a matter of keeping me healthy and alive. My F’s & R’s can’t get into my brain and keep my neurons happy.

Of course, neither can my meds go out for tea and English muffins. Each has its place, its job to do.

I’d hate to see what my liver looks like after all these years.


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