Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lighthouse Comments In The Newspaper

I was raised in Lordship practically ''under the shadow'' of the light. As a kid back in the 40's & 50's we used to fish often there, very often. My first flatfish was taken at the age of six right next to the big rock there on the west side. Even today at 70 when I get back ''home,” I go out there, still fish and paddle my canoe around The Point.
(Jim Carten)

I, too, lived down the street from the lighthouse and, when I was very young, thought everybody had one nearby. The view from the cupola was just great; you could see all of Lordship from there. The lighthouse and the buoys always had a calming effect on me, like loyal friends who were always there for you. (Tom Carten)

How important was Stfd Lt? I'll tell you. Back over a half century ago my father had a 14' Semi-V sea skiff, custom built in Devon. We would fish out to Middleground and most often return using the lighthouse as our guide because it was too dark to see the compass. We'd pick up the light at Middleground. It has been awhile but even today I remember putting the light on our stern and steering 180°; the old foghorn let us know how close we were to shore and when the mouth of the river was near. Our ''light'' was a friend and how we depended on it !!
(Jim Carten)

After moving there in the early 50's, the foghorn and light were, in time, something you got used to. When visitors commented "That's annoying!" the usual reply was "Wut??" Waves, foghorns and Remington gunshots were the Lordship Point symphony. (Centerfield)