Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Waiting for July '10 Even Before July '09

July '09 is come and gone, and I’m waiting for July '10 in another month or so. This is not a symptom of mental confusion but something well-known to those who take a yearly cruise: The July trip has been planned, the deposit made and the final payment set aside. As far as I, and others, are concerned, it’s come and gone – we just have to wait for the cruise to actually take place.

And we do this with growing anticipation.

Now we are looking forward for the July 2010 schedules to come out from Holland America Line so we can make advance plans. That’s necessary in cruising because, despite what some people think, prices do not drop as the departure date nears. More often, they rise as bookings roll in. “Load management,” it’s called; “all the traffic will bear” is another accounting phrase.

There’s a nice discount for booking early and how long it lasts depends on how the reservations come in. If you take a single-share (bunk with some stranger, which is fine with me), there are only so many cabins in that category, so you can’t afford to wait too long for that lower-fare booking. Your fare is protected: It can’t go up, but it can go down if your category’s price decreases, so it’s best to get in on it as soon as you can.

So for this cheap New England Yankee, 2009 is over as far as the planning is concerned and it’s time to check the 2010 schedules.


Anonymous ruthc said...

Heck, I know someone who has '09 booked (and partially completed), '10 planned out, and is figuring '11s schedule.
Hope I live long enough to sail 'em. :)

March 06, 2009 12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey back when I was cruising intensively, I spent five (5) years in a row in the Carib from ~ Jan.2 >> March/April. we cruised all over visiting the V.I., Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Haiti,Bermuda, Nasau, Trinidad, Martinique and one time we took a side trip to Recife, Brazil, crossing the Equator too.

All the cruises were set up a year in advance, did not cost me much at all. It was fun. In fact I actually made 16 cruises down there.

The downside was that our temporary homeport was Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and my salary hovered around a hundred bucks a month .... Often I got to see the most beautiful sunrises from the bridge while on the 4:00-8:00 watch standing on the helm, sunsets too and the Southern Cross is something to see on a mid-watch with a hotcup of coffee so strong that thespoon stood up straight...but we were cruising.

Exit 318

March 08, 2009 7:25 AM  

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