Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I Did It For The First Time In High School

Bought me a typewriter, I did. At least, I think it was high school; might have been eighth grade.

When the pediatrician listened to my in-utero heartbeat, it had a slow, steady rhythm similar to someone hitting keys. Even at that age, I was pounding out a story about what it was like being in there and listening to conversations on the outside.

It had been 24 weeks and my brain-waves had started to kick in; I had to do something and writing an article seemed to be the best outlet.

Anyway, back to the typewriter. It was an old Underwood standard, cost probably $5 and, if I had kept it, I could bring it to an antiques store and pocket a cool $5. I used it all the time, pretty much daily, and was a fast hunt-and-peck. Later, I took a class in school (high school didn’t go so well for me and I was in the “he’s going nowhere” level, so they taught typing).

Thanks to playing piano, I was able to type amazingly fast. It’s a function of how quickly you can make your fingers run over a keyboard, whether piano or typewriter, says a musical friend of mine. “People who play piano are also incredibly fast typists,” which I did not realize.

I put a string on some existing button so I could ring the bell manually, for no good reason.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My nemesis on the Underwood was the event of two (or more) letters or whatever they are called, getting stuck together in the ''up'' position. I quit.

Many years later I was introduced to my daughter's computer and at the endof the first line I asked her how would I begin the second line.

Tempus does fugit ..........CJV

March 06, 2009 7:03 AM  

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