Sunday, March 01, 2009

We Can't Cruise To Quebec City

Really could handle a cruise right now. Anywhere would be nice, although I don’t care much for the Caribbean – been there three times and staying on the ship was a whole lot better than walking around the villages.

New England and Canada … now there is the cruise I could handle with just about a day’s notice. Yes, it’s March First and terribly cold out on deck, but I would prefer that over going down close to the Equator.

Trivia: Do you know the Equator spins faster than up around these parts?

Anyway, my brother sent me a photo taken across the St. Lawrence River from Quebec City, right about where the ship would dock. The river is in just the greatest shape, if (and only if) you are either a polar bear or a White Star Line ship about to make history and several films. Just avoid the ice breaker opening up the channel.

I doubt a cruise ship would be planning on docking there, or continuing upriver (compass south) to Montreal. They are not known for their ability to do 22 knots through pack ice. Just because the Titanic tried it doesn’t mean we should.

As I write this, it’s but 14 weeks and 6 days (or, as I write it, 14w, 6d) until I do end up in Canada. I don’t count, or give note of, the month’s name. “14” I can handle; it’s a comfortable number and can only go down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Better hurry to pack your bags unless you haven't yet unpacked them from your last trip.

Thr river should be cleared by April 13 HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Exit 318

March 02, 2009 9:31 AM  

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