Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just A Hit Till The Coroner Came

Things were hopping along as usual at the house across the street. It’s a pretty weird place with some strange people hanging out, hanging in, visiting, passing through.

Then the rescue truck and the ambulance pulled up. Residents and visitors began holding each other and the crazy guy in the cellar came out and began running around hysterically. The cops arrived and started talking to the regulars, including the cellar resident. After a while, the coroner showed up, then an undertaker.

It began not looking good about the time the guy in the cellar dashed out and ran around like the chicken we all talk about. The coroner sort of nailed it and the undertaker left no doubt at all. Someone overdosed more than his body could stand.

I’ve never had experience with non-prescribed drugs, so you will hear no lectures from this blog site. It’s easy enough to condemn what you don’t have to deal with and I have no idea what that poor soul might have been chasing him during his life.

So, about 2:00pm on this street, someone’s life on this planet came to an end. His body was no longer able to sustain its existence and finally stopped functioning, leaving his spirit free to leave this universe and head off to a place where it may be cleansed of its problems, and restored to eternal life.

A mind, and a life, are terrible things to waste.


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