Friday, March 20, 2009

4,5,6 -- 7,8,9

4, 5, 6 --- 7, 8, 9.

More precisely: 04:05:06 on 07/08/09

My brother tells me that:

At five minutes and six seconds after four a.m. . . .
On the eighth of July this year . . .
The time and date will be 04:05:06, 07/08/09.

This will never happen again. (At least, not for a thousand years, so we can assume it will never happen again and if you are there when it does, then prove us wrong.)

A lot of peculiar number combinations are floating around out there and if any of our readers want to add their favorites, feel free.

One thing that used to amuse me when I was in college here was how my mailbox number used to pop up around town. It was 1611. So across the street was a commercial place for rent, phone number ended in 1161. Radio station I listened to had a phone 1611. Some other joint had similar numbers.

My new address is “123,” which sounds like an example.


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