Friday, March 27, 2009

Keep Your Fingers Off The Dots

Seems amazing to me how a bunch of people can get together and decide to pass rules designed to tell others how to run their lives.

Those who are blind and their own means of reading, for instance.

People who consider themselves well-meaning (which I think can be argued) decided some years back that it’s all in the best interests of blind people if they not be allowed to learn Braille. In other words, keep them illiterate in the one way that can keep notes for themselves and communicate in a different way.

It was done with the intensity of the Final Solution: Wipe out any use of those dots now and forever. Mainstream these kids and make them conform to the sighted world and use its technology exclusively. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way and the stats show people who are Braille-illiterate fall behind in society.

Someone obviously made up an agenda and a solution without asking those who are most involved, or checking with those who have gone before them. They are denying independence in communication skills through this mad rush to conformity and the perceived horrors of the blind person’s second language.

Down through history, we’ve seen efforts at suppressing languages and cultures. When dots are outlawed, only outlaws will read dots.


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