Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cheapskate On The Loose

I love bargains and, except for a few snooty acquaintances, almost everybody I know is more than happy to snap one up. A few of us may worry too much about what They may think, but They probably may be down at Sally A’s Discount Department Store (better known as the Salvation Army) just as often as you.

Is my preference more pronounced than the vast majority of the second-hand denizens? Or am I just less secretive about ut?

Occasionally, a friend will get me something, say a book, and not only will it be used, but he will point out that fact. He says I will get even more enjoyment knowing he received a major discount from buying it at a yard sale. Indeed, I do. He’s thoughtful that way.

Another friend bought me ten dress shirts for Christmas. “Guess how much they cost?” she said. “Twenty dollars for the whole lot of them! I got them down at the Volunteers of America Thrift Store.”

It’s not for everybody; most people I know would prefer to have their gifts new and from someplace other than a thrift store. That’s fine with me and I’d not spoil their expectations by giving them a shirt with someone else’s monogram on it.

But if you can get it, and get it on the cheap, don’t worry about me. And don’t even worry about telling me how you did it; share the fun.