Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Musings

I’ve started to avoid the Eighth Street Bridge. Usually, when I’m on my way to church, that’s the one I choose to cross the river. The road up on this side is quiet with few traffic lights; I like that on a Sunday morning. But with an official safety rating of 2 out of 100, I figure, “You know, I could be sitting on the bottom of the river thinking how stupid it was to take something that’s ready to collapse.” So I cross on the North Street Bridge, also known as the Pierce Street Bridge, or the Veterans’ Memorial Bridge. Take your pick.

Speaking of churches, and not speaking of voting (which is coming up very quickly), I was coming out of Mass one day years ago when a politician glad-handed me. “Hi!” he smiled with great enthusiasm. “I’m (somebody or other) and I’m running for office.” I was not edified by his being at church or happy to shake his unfamiliar hand. “How come I never see you here any other time?” I asked loudly. Ok, maybe I should not have said that, but I really never did see him in church, or that church, any other time. I don’t like the idea of working the churches at election time.

Speaking of voting, our local city booster (although a gritty one who calls ‘em as he sees ‘em) has a photo of a campaign sign for a person he does not care for. It also has a cute little doggie in the photo. The cutsie doggie has his leg raised on the sign. If you hurry up before he changes the photo, it’s just above his blog entry listings at

Time for another mug of tea.


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