Thursday, November 01, 2007

I'd Like To

I’d like to catch a couple of lightning bugs (fireflies, or whatever else they are called) and have them as pets. There could be fewer things nicer than waking up at night and seeing these little flashing lights flying around your darkened room. Besides, they don’t bite, they don’t need a litter box and they don’t disturb the neighbors.

I’d like to have a day when I can clean my room and put everything where it belongs. There are piles on my floor, clothes on a couple of chairs in my bedroom, and some piles in my closet. I’ve some shirts that need buttons sewn on them, socks that need sorting, things that need identifying under my bed.

I’d like to have a day when I have absolutely no responsibilities at all. None. In three months that will happen; it’s called an eleven-day cruise. But I’d like it to happen once in a while here, as well.

I’d like to be an over-the-road bus driver (rather than a city bus driver). There is nothing quite like being at the wheel of a large bus rolling down the highway. Problem is, I hate traveling in anything that has wheels and I’m kinda woozy at the end of a trip.

I’d like to be truly bilingual. Right now, I can do sort of ok in Canadian French, which is probably pretty good in itself, seeing as how I seldom have the opportunity to use it. But it would be nice to babble along in it and, perhaps, pick up Spanish as well.

I have a Bucket List; always have. They're things to do before I kick the bucket. As I check them off, I'm always adding more.


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