Saturday, October 27, 2007

Running A Day Late

This past week in “Things At Kings,” I’ve been running a day late with the posts. At least I can fix the date to make it look right. Every time I write a new one, I try to add a second to catch up.

Fat chance.

Reminds me of the time I worked in a high school and was in charge of the teachers’ attendance registers. Each month, I had to fill out a form with information and send it in to the Superintendent of Schools, or some such Grand Poobah. Late, always late. They were constantly on my case, asking me to get it in on time.

Once I was exactly a month late. I waited for the phone call. And waited. Nothing happened and I realized they never looked at these. The reports came in each month and some flunky merely tossed them into a file. They probably scanned the sheets to see if any school was way out of compliance, but never checked anything else.

Home free, I was. For the rest of the school year, and perhaps for the remainder of my time in that job, I sent the reports in a month late and never again heard a word from the Super of Schools.

I guess you have to work within the mind of the record-keepers, the boss, the people in charge. Once you find out what their real priorities are, you can set your own schedule and they will be happy. Not particularly informed, but ignorant and happy.


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