Wednesday, October 31, 2007

God Really Doesn't Hate Fags

The hate group which operates under the guise of the Westboro Baptist Church likes to picket funerals. They show up at as many military burials as possible, at funerals of gay people or those who died of AIDS, at a major coal-mine disaster funeral and such. Their message is pretty much the same: “God Hates Fags.” America is ok with gays and God sends our dead to hell.

They list these protests as “Love Crusades.” Most people would use the term “hate,” and wonder what could be in the father’s head (it’s a family group) and whatever is he hiding.

He may not have realized that some day he will have picked the wrong funeral to dishonor. When Lance Cpl. Matthew Snyder came home in a casket, the “church” did its usual picketing (“God Hates Dead Soldiers” and “Thank God For IEDs”), but Al Snyder felt this was the time and he was the person.

Those who live in hate have certain rights of free speech, but Al decided to take it another way: Defamation, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The jury agreed, awarding him about $3 million compensatory and $8 million punitive. He will never see the entire amount, of course, as this so-called church does not have that kind of money. But if he bankrupts it and the family, at least the hating will stay at home.

The last time I blogged about these people, they attempted to use my comments section to spread their views. Not going to happen.