Friday, October 26, 2007

Where The "H" Did It Go?

I walked down the street past the Kirby Health Center Annex and noticed a new tenant in the building: The Artritis Foundation. Artritis? I know the locals pronounce “Plymouth” as “Plimit,” but I haven’t seen this variant of Arthritis before and I hope the agency picks up on it quickly.

If they can’t spell their own name, can they deal with your aches and pains?

The people who make available Seeing Eye dogs put out some sort of annual report to the public and the cover had just the year and a few words, in print and Braille. I think there were something like a dozen errors in the Braille transcribing.

The next day, I sent them a gentle note, reminding them that it’s necessary to have things like this checked by someone first. Credibility is a stake, even to a slight degree.

I’ve always found it a lot easier to eat humble pie when it’s served by my proofreader, rather than when it’s delivered publicly, by the truckload, from readers. Being embarrassed in front of one person for some silly mistake (or even a stupid mistake) is a lot easier to take and a lot less damaging to my ego, than to see it out there in front of everybody and beyond correction.

Treating these for what they are is important. They are accidents, not deliberates. Get angry over deliberates, be gentle with accidents.


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