Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thus Far And No Further

Joe: “Seems like it was only yesterday, but it’s almost fifty years now since we had that big frat blow-out party and the cops busted us for underage. At least we only spent a night in the slammer and they let us go with some dinky fine.”

Bob: “You were lucky. I managed to stay out of trouble. Well, a DUI on New Year’s Eve once, but I pleaded “no contest” and we fixed the whole thing up.”

Joe: “Here we are, Toronto straight ahead. Hardly any line; just get our passports and should be there in no time at all.”

Border: “Sir, the two of you have records in the States. Canadian law says you are inadmissible to our country. I have an arrest for you in Iowa from 1960 on underage drinking and you, sir, for DUI in Michigan in 1980. You’ll have to turn back; you can’t enter Canada if you have anything on your record.”

The law’s been around, but now with US-Canadian cooperation, they can access our information better than any US cop does during a traffic stop. If you have anything on your record since the age of 18 other than a speeding ticket, you aren’t going to see a Molson in its native habitat.


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