Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Just as I went down the steps in front of my house, a car came up the hill and took someone’s mirror with it. And kept going.

“You can run, but you can’t hide,” I thought, after having watched a program about people who hunt down bail jumpers. I went into a convenient phone booth, changed into my CrimeChaser outfit and emerged to dish out justice.

In reality, I called 911, told the whole exciting story (“I want to report a hit and run; someone took a person’s mirror off and here’s the license number”) and, exhausted from the event, went back and made myself a cup of tea.

In reality, the victim came along just as I was on the phone with 911 and he called them back after we looked over the situation. The cop who arrived on the scene pulled in to a parking space and missed hitting a car by, literally, inches. It was almost 0-2 this morning.

He was in what the city calls a “semi-marked car.” That is, it has the standard red and blue over white markings all over except in the front, with no visible light bar on top. You can see it a mile away, unless it’s right behind you; then it looks like an ordinary white sedan and you don’t notice the red and blue lights next to the mirror until they start flashing.

Tune in next week to “Wilkes-Barre’s Most Wanted.”


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