Monday, February 26, 2007

There Is No Dearth Of Many Things

True Religions, for one. I belong to one of them, and we can prove it chapter and verse. Our leader has even let it be known, publicly, that those who don’t follow us are not eligible for salvation. Burn, suckers, burn. But all religions claim to be The One True Religion and, I suspect, at the end of the world one of these leaders will say to God, “Which is the true religion?” And God will shrug and say, “It doesn’t matter any more than which is the true drugstore. As long as you get well, they’re both equally good.”

Princesses. Not royalty, but shopping mall princesses. Little Miss Wilkes-Barre Princess, all decked out with tiara and wand. The other mall is sponsoring Little Miss West Side Princess. Both can compete for Miss Little Wyoming Valley Princess. Yes, your little princess may someday be Miss Pennsylvania and maybe Miss America! She may also grow up to think she has all the rights and privileges of a princess and wonder why she has no friends.

Entitlement. Otherwise known as, “I have my rights.” I can park anywhere I want, I don’t have to hold a door open for anyone, so sue me, your sign has no legal standing, you’re doing that because I’m (female/male, black/white, young/old, this/that). We want what we can get without regard to others, simply because we can get it. It’s the opposite of cooperation, exclusive of getting along with others.

Complaining. A hundred years ago, nobody drove, flew, had a radio or tv. Illness brought death, food was tainted, physicians didn’t know much; around here, you worked in the mines and died just like your father. So why are you complaining?


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