Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Our street was plowed – finally! The city initially came by after the first four inches and gave a perfunctory pass with a plow, then that was it for the next ten inches. After six more days, the crew was out there working. Our crew; the college crew. Where are the city guys? Certainly not goofing off, as this has been a difficult storm for them. But they weren’t in this block of North Franklin and, generally, they aren’t. It’s become too customary that they will give one quick shove and then the college has to clean the street after the storm is over.

We should charge them: in exchange for doing this, nobody has to feed the parking meters for the, oh, next month. Without us, there would be no access to the meters until sometime in May. I’ve never driven a front-end loader, one of the few vehicles that has, so far, escaped my control. I wouldn’t mind spending a couple hours bringing the street down to pavement, widening it from one poorly-plowed lane out to a wide lane and double-sided parking. I also wouldn’t mind the city paying me the going rate for doing the job. I bet it would help out on the cost of my next cruise.

There are three streets inside the college campus that the city “forgets” it has. I could make some easy money that way. Hmmmmm.

Everybody has a story.
Edward Carty, former local resident, passed away Sunday. He had responsibility for the Titan I through IV launch vehicles, the Multiple Docking Adapter on Skylab, the Manned Orbital Laboratory and the Mars Viking Landers.


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