Friday, February 16, 2007

The Friday That Was Saturday

It’s Friday … at least, I think so. Feels more like Saturday around here, what with school being closed for two days, then on a compressed schedule for the third. You sort of lose the time lock you have on the week. Even tonight, I was going to watch the first few minutes of “Saturday Night Live,” when I realized I was a day early. SNL only runs on S and today is F. It’s not FNL.

So I don’t have to get up for church tomorrow morning. I know, it doesn’t sound too pious to say this, but I’m just as happy to sleep in. At least I can do it without feeling like a pagan. Sunday, well, that will take care of itself; I’ll be there as usual.

It’s like having an extra day thrown into the week. The Friday that was Saturday, a day to get other things done because regular activities were called off for two days.

I guess it will take us a while to become accustomed to living in eternity. There aren’t any clocks there; it’s not a matter of it being a long time, but of being no time. We won’t have days and months and years and centuries – just “now.” What time is it? Now. How long have we been here? Now. When is “now” going to be over? Now never is over.

That would be neat: an endless sunny Saturday on a medium-warm June day. The sun never sets, we have nowhere to go, there is loads of time to converse and meet new people. The endless Saturday.


Anonymous MadDrummer said...

I loved those days when I lived in the mountains. FREE TIME so to speak. A quick trip to the Pancake House for breakfast and a gallon of coffee, then off to record whatever was simmering in my brain. No traffic, no trucks, the snow quieted everything outside and the electricity inside was at its best.

February 17, 2007 5:40 PM  

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