Monday, February 12, 2007

The Cat Is Knitting A Sweater

When I have shared custody of the cat, she has her favorite hang-out spots in my apartment. There are several, most of them having pieces of a brick-colored blanket I saved from being justly thrown away. But cut properly, they are her resting places.

They are also her fur drop-offs. Imagine a room full of Goodwill or Salvation Army boxes. But instead of old clothes, these rug scraps are collection baskets for kitty fur. Depending on the season, or change of seasons, it can be lots of kitty fur.

Dutifully, I take the lint brush to it and after I’ve made my rounds, I have a fairly healthy amount. It ends up in the wastebasket, but you have to wonder if there isn’t something better to be done with it.

I have this idea, perhaps more of a fantasy, that I can get the cat to knit a sweater while I’m at work. Instead of just lying there sleeping in the sun, she could be making herself useful and cleaning up her discarded fur at the same time.

Then we market it: “Sweaters Par le Chat” - Sweaters by the cat. You, too, can wear the same fur coat as your dear kitty; be as warm and snug as your little furball.

Then, having made your fortune, you can retire to a proper mansion where proper maids can bring proper meals to the two of you. Sweaters Par le Chat has become a world wide sensation and it all began as you swept off her window perch with a lint brush.


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