Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rock-A-Bye Your Baby

I sit here in my front window listening to a couple of people trying to get their SUV out of a snowbank. Apparently, the recommended way is to put your foot on the gas pedal and stand on it. It doesn’t work, but that seems to be what the driver thinks is right.

A previous occupant of the snowbank on this side of the street, in a regular car, had much the same idea earlier today. Spin the driving wheels until you have melted the snow and ice beneath them, and then take off. That didn’t work either.

Seems as if neither of them ever heard of rocking the car. They both had plenty of room in their tire paths to do it. Back and forth, a little gas here, a little “drive” and “reverse” there, keep it up and suddenly you’re free.

Maybe it’s a guy thing: I am going to overcome this object with sheer power. I am not going to resort to gentle tactics. I will take down the brute on my own. I know from experience that a gal thing is, “I don’t need your help,” or, “My husband told me not to let anyone drive the car,” or, “My boyfriend will get mad if anyone helped me.”

If you only treat the car and the snow as your friends, who are having a temporary little spat – a little turf battle – then you can resolve the difficulty with ease. You just talk to the car as you are rocking it and giving it just a little gas, you let it feel the ridge of snow a few times so it’s not scared to go over it and into the road. You rock-a-bye your baby and with one final kick on the gas pedal, you’re onto the road and off to another adventure.


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