Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Media Hype

“Media hype,” someone said yesterday. “It’s all media hype. They just like to frighten us. It helps their ratings. I never believe a bit of it. There’ll be hardly anything, you just wait and see.”

When I went in for lunch this noon, I said, “Anyone know how many inches of media hype we have out there so far?” Let me say this, you can get some dirty looks when you try that.

I once knew a guy who said, “When I heard the tv weather man, I dress for exactly the opposite of what he says. I have never been wrong.” Well, pardon me; I should have told him not to take an umbrella when the guy predicted heavy rain, to wear a light jacket when sub-freezing temps were expected.

No matter what we do for a living, we always seem to know more than the weather people. I’d bet anything if they told us how to do our job, we’d let them know where to get off.

Weather guy: “I wouldn’t use that particular chemical formula for the mixture.”
Chemist: What the **** do you know about chemistry? Stick to the weather.”
Weather guy: “You act as if you know more about weather than I do, so I thought I’d try the same thing with your job. Use more nitric acid there."

We might end up with ten inches of media hype by the time this is over.


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