Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'm Sorry, But You Can't Sue Mother Nature

I was just watching "Supervolcano" on The Discovery Channel last night. Basic plot of the movie: Yellowstone Park has a huge volcano under it, volcano blows up, weather on the earth is affected for years. Bring out the popcorn because it's a good movie; the only problem is that it's also real. Just hasn't happened yet, but it will. Eventually, inevitably, Yellowstone will blow up and when it does, a lot of what we previously thought was important in our lives will suddenly drop into obscurity. It will be, as it has been three times in the past, the biggest bang on earth.

Mother Nature has a way of disordering our well-ordered lives and there's no appeal. She is the Supreme Court of Nature and when she speaks, we better listen.

Occasionally she reminds us that we should not have built houses on the edges of cliffs or hills. Around here, she probably shakes her head in wonderment as we continue to build houses in the flood plain of our major river.

Mother Nature will allow people to go out in boats when the weather is about to kick up; freedom is what she is about. They will find, in a few minutes, that the ballgame is over and they've lost. We can do a lot of things that are wrong, or just plain stupid, and find you can't sue Mother Nature when you messed up big time.

Better to work with her than to fight her. Life's a lot more fun that way.


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