Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Go Back Where You Belong ... Oh, You Do?

We've got this big to-do about people moving in who have not bothered to do things like become citizens. Depending on your choice of language, they are either "illegals" or "undocumented." Whatever. It's a big problem in the next closest city, where the well-meaning mayor has written up an ordinance which does everything but have them scourged on Public Square. I think this previous "Catholic Of The Year," who has a baby by a Latino without benefit of marriage, treats his pets better.

So, the pot has been stirred up and it's come to the point where if you look Latino, then you must be illegal. One loyal American wrote a letter to the newspaper saying these Puerto Ricans should go back home until they become American citizens. "Go back where you belong" is the idea ... but it sounds as if our America-First person skipped her history class that day and has no idea that Puerto Rico actually is part of the U.S.

One of my friends in that city was marching in a parade next to a float; behind his was one of some Latino girls, dancing. From a booth on the side came some angry local women screaming, "If youse can't speak proper English, youse should go back to where youse came from!"

What can you say to logic like that?

Everybody has a story, but not everybody has the money.
Robert Thomas died locally. His obituary notes: "Robert retired at the young age of 44 to devote his time to the management of his investment portfolio."


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