Sunday, August 20, 2006

I Think, Therefore I Post

(1) Look at a digital clock occasionally and there's a reasonable chance the numbers, without the colon, will mean something to you. They do to me. 3:13, Donald Duck's license plate (I'm a great fan of the Duck). 2:35, our old house number. 1:33, another place where I lived for a number of years. Some are happy memories, others are not. 10:48 is the local scanner code for a fire; I'm fortunate not to have had one.

(2) I was in church this morning and the background noise (little kids) was a bit higher than normal. It was the kind of thing you ignore; after all, as the priest pointed out, they were brought to term and we should be happy about that. But one woman grabbed her little boy and, with a full head of steam, literally dragged him down the aisle, one foot in the air, and out the door. I was waiting for the =smack= and scream, but didn't hear any. It was not a happy scene. Jesus said, "Let the little children come unto me"; she seemed to say, "I'll put the fear of God into you."

(3) We have a little fountain out in the common courtyard here. I don't know who is supposed to take care of it; probably whoever. So it's Tom Whoever Carten, by default. It's a recirculating thing, bubbles up a few inches over a faux-granite ball then down over some real stones and back into a reservoir in the base. There is some evaporation, so I fill a container each day and pour it in. The bubbler was showing signs of prostate trouble, if I may be so descriptive, so I checked inside and the pump intake was loaded with algae, enough for a small salad, along with an equal or greater amount on the bottom. I cleaned it out, took a real scrub-brush to the faux ball and have been adding water mixed with a little Clorox.

(4) NIMBY is best solved by BANANA. We've had some very nice proposals for halfway houses that would present no danger or disruption to the neighbors. The residents have no drug problems; they are supervised and are there for a limited time each. If there weren't public hearings, nobody would be the wiser; I've seen this in other areas. But NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) leads to the only obvious solution: BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody). Unfortunately, we are running out of forests and deserts.

(5) I saw a two-toned car today. Actually, a Jeep-type vehicle, blue in front, yellow elsewhere. Is it my imagination, or don't you see that sort of thing anymore?


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