Friday, August 27, 2010

Are Your Eggs Alright, Honey?

You see, it was like this: Stanley Neace didn’t like the way his wife cooked his breakfast. The eggs weren’t hot and that’s all the excuse he needed to shoot her and occupants of several others in the trailer park. After that, he took himself out.

Guns don’t kill people; cold eggs kill people.

Actually, a little perspective, some anger management courses and a sign reading: “STOP. Count to a hundred before you touch this gun” might have helped.

The big question in our lives is, “What justifies the action I am about to take?” Do cold eggs justify murder? Does a complaining kid justify whacking him? Does an argument with someone justify making up and spreading a lie?

Was it the cold eggs, or was it something that had been building up for a long time and finally exploded? We’ll never know, of course; the last bullet took care of that. And were the eggs really cold, or just not hot enough? And did it matter at all? Some people are just itching to pick a fight, regardless.

He was known for his bad temper and was facing eviction from the trailer park for just that reason. The landlord said he was unpredictable and little things would set him off. I guess so: eggs not cooked the way he liked them is not exactly marital infidelity. Given the state of the world, it doesn’t even count.


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