Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Three Packs Of China A Day

Linfen, China, is said to be the most polluted city on earth. For instance, the article I read says if you put your laundry out to dry, it will turn black before it’s finished.

It’s located in China's coal belt, and the article’s photo gets foggy and blurry as the distance (not much of it) spreads out. Three million people are affected by Linfen’s coal and particulates pollution, in addition to residue from automobile and industrial emissions. Not a great place to life.

Spending one day in there is equivalent to smoking three packs of cigarettes. That’s just being there. If you do smoke three packs a day, then you’re up to six packs. Even one pack makes you a four-packer. I don’t know the average lifespan in the city, but I’d be willing to bet they don’t spend much on Social Security.

Then there is the Niger Delta. It has had more than 6,800 oil spills. The figures on that place are 300 spills a year, one spill a day, and 9 to 13 million barrels of oil spilled over 50 years; the Niger Delta remains one of the most oil-polluted locations on the planet. Ruptured pipelines and the presence of oil contaminates permanently damage rivers.

I remember seeing photos of the Pittsburgh area when you could hardly see anything. Smoke, dust, whatever kind of junk we could throw in the air – you wonder how people could live without seeing the sun, moon and stars. Now it’s wonderful and healthy. People are proud of the place.


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Wow, not having to pay out SS........wouldn't politicians love that!

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