Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Heat Wave Turned Cold

Yeah, the temps went from the mid-90’s down to the 50’s as if we fell off the top of the PNC Bank building. Except not as slowly. Florida to Alaska, non-stop.

“This heat is too much,” someone said. “We can take care of that,” the Gods of the Weather replied. Watch what you ask for; I would have mentioned wanting something around the mid-70’s. Well, we have another chance this week as it’s been up in the 90’s again with another cut-cables elevator drop due in a couple days.

Not only that, but there be a hurricane coming [this blog was actually written on September 2, not the date listed as the posting]. I notice Philly already has the far outskirts, according to the GOES satellite picture on the Internet. We won’t get anything more than some rain, but any ballgames in Boston will have to wait.

I’ve already told you about the time my brother (14) and I (10) went down to the beach to experience being in the eye of a hurricane. Our parents not only allowed it, but thought it up. That’s sort of thing we call a “once in a lifetime, and not everybody’s lifetime.” It taught me never to pass up an opportunity, because it might never happen again.

Mom and I did have the chance to visit Fairbanks AK, where we thought parkas would be the outfit of the day. Turns out the city can reach 88 degrees in the summer (minus 55 in the winter), and I’m not sure if there are any moderate days, or if the thermometer just dives overnight. Not going to find out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Earl turned out to be a total non-event in Ct. Some gentile breezes and a few showers was about it. As usual our local TV meteorologists spent the whole week jumping up and down and predicting the end of life as we know it. They really screwed up a lot of people's plans for the long weekend and of course the state, in it's infinite wisdom, played along by closing down many of the state parks. Oh well, it was good for the TV ratings, which I have begun to suspect is the real reason behind all the weather hype of late.

Ms. Victoria Lawn

September 04, 2010 8:45 AM  

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