Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Look! Up In The Sky!

In the early Superman tv cartoons, the Man of Iron, Carbon Content and the Bessemer Process flew through the air but not as efficiently as what we have known in our day. He flew from building to building, dropping down occasionally to bounce back up and cover another few city blocks. A far cry from current non-stop journeys.

Logically, a person from another planet whose gravity is stronger than ours will be, at least in the comics, able to fly somewhat. And that’s just what the Man of Heavier Element(s) did. What the people inside those land-and-bounce buildings thought of the noise and vibration thought is not recorded. “What the…?!?” might be it.

But later in life, as Supie became adjusted to our gravity, it would seem as if his powers of flight would diminish and he would end up taking the bus to wherever he was needed. If we lived on the moon for 30, 50 years, would we still be able to bounce around like the astronauts? One-sixth gravity or not, there has to be a period of adjustment.

I was supremely disappointed in Batman. Utility belt, check. Sidekick Robin in shorts, ok. Secret identity, ok. But can’t fly? What is this? He’s gotta fly.

Super Duck is another. I bought his comic at Freddy Marino’s Variety Store, hamburger grill, morning coffee shop and general gambling front one day and was really let down that the duck was far from super. Just another duck who seemed to have an awful lot of bad luck. Should have been served “a l’orange.”


Blogger D.B. Echo said...

Super Goof made me want to swallow peanuts (or "goobers") whole, in their shells, just to see if they would transform me into a superhero in long red underwear.

July 19, 2010 4:00 PM  

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