Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Friend, Intellicast

One of my best friends is on the computer screen long before he (or is it she?) appears on tv every few hours. It’s Intellicast, the Doppler radar map.

Sometimes I’ll watch the weather on tv and when the Super16 or Marvelous28 exclusive radar shows up, it bears an amazing resemblance to what I’ve got in front of me. Radar (or Doppler) is much the same, whether it’s the latest-named whizbang gadget on your favorite station, or what I can see anytime of the day or night.

It’s easy enough to use:
Then, under “radar,” click on “current.”
Then click on your part of the country, if desired.

This pal of mind lets me know what the weather is like right now all over the country, as well as where I live, and by clicking on “Play Animation,” it gives the path for the past few hours so I can see how it got here (and where it might be going). A handy way to keep on top of things.

The site has a load of features and you could spent a lot of time there if you wanted. I have, in the past, and keep some of them bookmarked so I can just slide in and out without having to choose from the main menu. If it’s a close-in forecast, there’s always for that, which includes an hour-by-hour look.


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