Monday, July 05, 2010

And On The Seventh Day, God Rested

Not so the cruise ship’s crew; they get an occasional afternoon off in port, but that’s the best they can hope for until their contract ends and they get time home with their family and then sign the next contract for another eight or twelve months onboard. Nothing ever stops for them; one day ends, another begins.

When we were leaving, the cabin crew were changing towels and making up the beds for the passengers who would be boarding in another five hours – expecting everything to be ready for them. The two main restaurants were finishing up breakfast and starting to think of lunch, same as usual; just for a different crowd.

The “Farewell” decorations had been put away from last night and the “Welcome Aboard” were about to be placed at the entranceway.

For those of us who were on a round-trip, the ship became very quiet and strangely “ours” for six hours or so. “Ah, Mistah Tom,” the Indonesian crew would say, “You staying with us; so good!” I got along very well with the crew and they came over to me often just to chat and goof around.

The Captain held a cocktail party for us, the round-trippers. About twenty or so, my guess, and a nice time it was. He also sent a plate of fine chocolates and a bottle of champagne to our cabins as a thank-you for doing the turn-around. Hey – my pleasure. What finer way to spend fourteen days?


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