Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Can We Just Slow Down The World A Bit?

It’s going a bit too fast. I guess everyone says that at one time or another. But things just seem to be piling up and, despite my best efforts, it’s like squeezing Jell-O: Do it hard enough and it pops out this way or the other. When you get the recliner cleaned off (it just sucks in magazines and junk mail) the laundry doesn’t get done, and so on.

My radio show goes really well, maybe better than ever, but that takes a lot of energy; I’m deeply involved in church work (not excessively, mind you – there are limits even with my plans for eternal life), but add the undone laundry to these, the constant fatigue from some strong meds I take and I really need some time off.

About a year would be right. Yeah, maybe a year. Stick me on a cruise ship for a while, then on another with a different destination. Cool the jets for 12 months. Yeah.

I’ve taken to sleeping in that recliner at night. I love sleeping in different places. Unlike many people, not only can I sleep in unfamiliar locations, but I actually like it. When I was a kid and couldn’t fall asleep, I’d switch to my absent brother’s bed, or just turn around and sleep backwards on my own. Always worked.

Maybe I could just sail off the edge of the earth in a hot-air balloon. When I was just about old enough to read, I thought there was an edge to the world. You could go beyond it and a hot-air balloon was just the right way to propel yourself. That would be a neat way to spend a day, floating up there beyond the edge. Neat idea.