Friday, December 18, 2009

One Week Until...

Just one week until I can surprise someone with a few well-chosen presents. That’s a lot different from years back when I was waiting for people to surprise me with a few well-chosen presents. It takes a while to learn that it can be a lot more fun to give than receive at this time of year.

Although, it’s not that bad to receive.

Ah, here are a few CD’s I know are favorites. Not only that, but I can get them on the cheap from Amazon’s used merchants. All the better.

And the FakeTV device, just great for people who are away for a day, a weekend or a vacation. It has LED’s which pop on and off, with different colors, fade in and out just like a real tv set. It’s very small and uses less electricity than a night light. But from the outside it looks just like a tv to a burglar.

A Holland America Line robe: something I’d never wear, but long enough for a short person who can use it to keep warm while curled up on the couch, especially under a blanket with a cat on her lap, popcorn at the ready. Re-gifting is what they call it and she won’t care; it’s something she would love.

What do I need? Really, nothing. I live a fairly simple life with few wants. Maybe marry a rich widow with a bad heart and cruise the rest of my life.


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