Saturday, December 19, 2009

Skrep Took The Dough And Bit The Dust

We had a county commissioner locally who came into office with promises of a clean sweep. He was popular, looked good and we put our trust in him.

After a while, things began to look bad. Not really awful bad, but just little hints here and there; a little gray around the edges of what had been lily white. It kept moving inward until the buzz started about “things” not going right. Then the admission of his possible wrongdoing, followed by a full-blown confession and resignation.

All for a small peanuts bribe. In all the vast corruption probe here in Luzerne County, the take has been anywhere from five to seven figures. Nobody goes down for four, but he did. Desperate because of a family situation? Got swept up in the vast evil which existed in the Courthouse? Figured it was how things were done here?

I’ve yet to meet anyone, anyone, who doesn’t have a checkered past. This fellow got caught, that’s all. When the mythical Recording Angel posts the inside dope on what we’ve all done in our lifetimes, it should be interesting to see who did what, to whom, how many times and how they got away with it.

The story goes that some guy in Ireland or England got his jollies by hiding behind a pillar and running out at random, going up to people he didn’t know and whispering, “Your secret is known.” They would react in a panic, wondering how he knew. Aren’t you glad your secret really isn’t known?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, we all might be checkered in one way or the other - but I would prefer thinking that we aren't all engaged in that "checkery" to the degree that others (particularly Luzerne County others) are.

December 21, 2009 12:00 PM  

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