Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Ultimate Global Warming

There will come a time when we might look back at global warming and laugh. “What a bump in the road that was,” we laugh. “A degree here and a degree there.”

Well, we won’t actually be laughing because the sun will have blown up and it just reached the earth. We, meanwhile, have long since been incinerated and the inner two planets are now part of the sun – as ours will soon be. We’re up in heaven watching this take place as the glaciers vaporize and rocks melt.

Our sun probably won’t blow up as such, but will only start expanding and turn the first three or four planets into ashes. The next few will be terribly hot and Neptune might be a good place for a summer vacation. Other stars, well, they tend to make quite a scene when it’s time to pack it up and go home.

Supernovas and I think the extreme is a hypernova, but don’t take that one to the bank. Either one of them is worth viewing, if not being a part of. A supernova is when a star runs out of gas, but has just enough in its collapsing self to blow up in a most spectacular fashion. You don’t want to be there or anywhere near it.

We just discovered one of those extreme big ones. It happened a while ago and was very big. “A while ago” = 7.5 billion years and the light just reached us. The universe is big and that particular explosion was only halfway out to the edge. The guy in the Verizon Wireless ads is still asking, “Can you hear me now?” with no answer.


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