Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We Don't Speak German Or Japanese

Subtract 75% for water and our planet still has a lot of land in the remaining 25%. So why do we have this insatiable urge to invade other countries? Ok, economic reasons. Some may have gone under the guise of religion, but they were mostly to get new land or materials. Still, we force our customs and language on strangers.

Indians, for instance. They were doing just fine, thank you, until we came along. Then we broke our promises and also moved them off oil-bearing “yours forever” lands. Oklahoma; not the first of our deceptions, but certainly the biggest. White man speak with forked tongue, as the Indians supposedly said. We sure did.

Hitler decided he needed Poland; I’m not sure if people started speaking German, but figuratively they might as well have. He owned the country for, in his mind, the next thousand years. Plenty of time to re-educate the masses and start teaching the grammar school children to learn the language.

He did, as I understand, have planes that could reach NYC and nearly developed the bomb. In all the confusion and breakdown that would follow, plus his U-Boat superiority, we might well have been part of that Thousand-Year stuff and all that went with it. Including the mother tongue.

The Japanese had some super subs themselves, able to attach both coasts and mess up the Panama Canal while they were at it. Get Rosetta Stone discs and learn Japanese.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real thanks for our continuing reliance on the English language rests with our veterans - particularly those of the greatest generation. We literally shed our nation's blood on foreign shores for the sake of freedom... ours as well as theirs. As we proceed in that awful countdown until there are no WWII veterans left, let us always remember and honor those brave men and women and continue to honor those who place freedom above personal safety.


November 12, 2009 9:58 AM  

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